Ashleigh DeCarr is a singer/songwriter from Utica, NY. Her style is reflective of a life spent exploring the ways in which music casts light on the obscure parts of our being, revealing the joy, comedy, aches, love, and strangeness that we have in common.



Since 2018, the Minivans have established themselves as a "must see" band in Eastern NY State.  Featuring a wide variety of music by such artists as Stevie Wonder, The Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, Prince, Led Zeppelin, Amy Winehouse, The Police and many, many more..the Minivans are guaranteed to leave you wanting more every time!


WALRUS began its musical journey in the original classic rock era of the 1970's. Over a decade ago it reformed to continue that journey and has gained a growing reputation for delivering a dynamic performance that pleases live music fans of all ages. Today's group features well-known area artists, Sydney Pinto on vocals, Ronnie Dari on guitar and vocals, David DiNiro on guitar and vocals, Jeff Mosher on drums and vocals and original member Howard Gersony on bass.





The Lower Tolpa is an alternative rock band based out of Upstate NY, formed in 2019. Their sound is a unique blend of, post-rock, grunge, psychedelia and blues. Singer/songwriter Carson Murphy fronts the band on guitar/vocals with Arianna Marucci on bass/backing vocals, Brandon Brault on guitars, and Jeremy Schor on drums/percussion.




Do you like  80’s rock ?The band Remedy loves it.   Remember the 1980s — great times with awesome music . Bands like Mõtley Crüe, Journey, Bon Jovi, Ozzy, Poison, Ratt, Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC , Vixen, and Pat Benetar. Remedy plays  them all. And with Kyle Giglio and Kelly Preston both on lead vocals, the band plays a wide variety of 80’s rock.  The band opens up with Poisons song “ Nothing But A Good Time “ and that’s their philosophy at every  job. For everyone to have nothing but a good time. The band interacts immensely with the audience and as bassist Paul LaPuma states,“This is the music we had fun playing back in the 1980’s and we’re just trying to have fun with it one more time.”The band includes Cory Kosuda on guitar, Paul LaPuma bass, and Eric Strail on drums. The power house singers include Kyle Giglio and Kelly Preston. If you want to rock , we have the remedy. The band Remedy!!!